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Introducing Tenant Management

Eliminate the headache of combing through your bank statements by using RentBetter to collect, track
and manage rent payments from your tenants so you will never miss a rental payment again!

Manage rental payments

  • Automatically collect and track rental payments from your tenant via credit card or direct debit

  • Automated notifications and alerts mean you’ll never miss a rental payment again

  • Automated ledger means you'll always know your financial position

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this service work?

  • Enter your lease details and invite your tenant to your lease

  • Rental payments will be scheduled, collected and tracked automatically

Why would I use this?

  • Nobody likes menial, tedious tasks, so we’ve taken away the headache!

  • Payments, tracking, alerts, receipts are now automated!

My agent wants 7% - how much will it cost with RentBetter?

  • RentBetter charges a flat monthly fee of $36 (GST inclusive) to help you manage your property

What do I need to do to get started?

  • Click the ‘get started’ button and enter your lease details

  • Your tenant will be invited to the lease, and you’re on your way…