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Automate your property manangement - one less thing to worry about

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RentBetter helps take the stress out of managing your property

Enter the details of your lease and use the RentBetter Platform to
manage rental payments, maintenance requests and annual reporting

Managing your property is as easy as one, two, three!

On Board your Tenant

Lease Details


Set-up your property and enter key details about your lease, such as the rent amount, start date and payment frequency

Your tenant will be invited to join the lease online and they can set up recurring payments via debit or credit card



Rental payments will be scheduled and collected so you can relax knowing rent will be paid on time and you’ll receive alerts if anything goes wrong

Tenants have access to their own portal where they can send messages, and raise maintenance requests, so you’ll have everything in the one place

Rental Payments

Balance Due Next Payment
Payment Schedule

Balance Due

Total Received



Payment Schedule




Track income and expenses easily and always know your position. Attach receipts to expenses and match them to the correct tax category for reporting

At the end of the financial year export or print a report on your income and expenses related to your property, and your accountant will love you!

Your Questions Answered

I currently collect the rent myself.

How can I benefit from a service like this?

Nobody likes menial, tedious tasks, so let us take away the headache for you!

You no longer have to comb through bank statements to see if this month’s rent has been paid because payments, tracking, alerts and receipts are all automated.

This sounds like a great idea.

What do I need to do to get started?

For new customers, click the ‘get started’ button to fill in details about your property and the lease.

For existing customers, click on the ‘manage tenant’ button in your ‘my properties’ portal.

Your tenant will be invited to the lease, and you’re on your way...

My agents wants 7% of my rental income.

How much does RentBetter charge?

RentBetter charges a flat monthly fee of $36 (GST inclusive) to help you manage your property.

The fee remains the same, regardless of the value of your investment property.

I prefer to keep my bank details private.

Is the process safe and secure?

At RentBetter, we understand the importance of information security and receiving your rent on time.

We work with internationally recognised payment providers to ensure your information is kept safe and your rental payments arrive as expected.

Ready to save time and money?