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 Home    10 Reasons to Self-Manage Your Investment Property with RentBetter

Have you heard about the revolution taking place in the property investment space? More and more investment property owners are choosing to reconsider traditional models and self-manage their own property.


This is why you need to get on board!


1. Save thousands each year on management fees

Sick of someone else cashing in on your investment? Do it yourself! Gain independence and see more money landing in YOUR pocket.


2. Take back control of your investment property 

Know what’s going on in your own property! We’ve all heard the horror stories… Self-managing ensures that you can take matters into your own hands.


3. Get to know your tenant

Cut out the middle-man! Self-managing allows clear lines of communication with your tenant so that nothing gets lost in translation and your tenant stays a happy one.


4. Easily track your income and expenses

That means you can keep an eye on how much is landing in your bank account. Oh, and no scrambling through desk drawers looking for receipts at tax time!


5. Turn your investment into your side hustle 

Whether you’re a first time investor or a property mogul, acquiring an investment property is an incredible achievement! Self-managing can be such a rewarding experience and something to really make your own.


6. Hire your own tradespeople 

Avoid paying too much for maintenance works! Get to know your local tradies and control the quality of work that your investment is left behind with.


7. Get your income faster 

Once rent gets paid, it’s all yours and there’s no downtime between transfers.


8. Do it all on one simple platform 

RentBetter makes it smooth sailing from start to finish, from advertising to lease completion. You can even build a portfolio of properties – hello future property tycoons!


9. Let technology make life easier for you

Access all the same tools and resources as a real estate agent at a fraction of the cost. Our seamless platform ensures you feel empowered to do it yourself.


10. Lease agreements are as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You won’t have to stress about whether you have a contract that’s going to stand up in court. The platform generates your state’s relevant Residential Tenancy Agreement for you, allowing you to add or redact clauses as desired.


Well… Because you can! 

Self-managing really isn’t rocket science! Anyone can do it. All the tools are right there at your fingertips. So really, what are you waiting for?

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