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MATCH! Advertise your property and find a tenant, review enquiries and applications, then make it ‘official’.
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Advertise on Australia’s leading property websites (RealEstate.com.au, Domain.com.au, Rent.com.au)
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Manage enquiries & applications
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Conduct digital tenant checks via the National Tenancy Database
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Select & set-up a tenant
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Create & sign your lease agreement
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MANAGE your property and tenant relationship from your computer or mobile with our all-in-one solution.
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Track and collect rental payments & your bond
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Conduct digital inspections & condition reports (or hire a pro!)
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Track expenses & generate reports (incl. EOFY)
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Instant message your tenant on platform
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Manage tenant bills & receipts
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MAINTAIN your property and tenant relationship. No calls and no waiting. It’s all done via RentBetter.
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Store all your documents
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Schedule repairs & maintenance
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Receive auto reminders & prompts
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Conduct routine inspections (or hire a pro)
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"RentBetter is such a functional and easy-to-use platform for managing my rental property since moving out and becoming a landlord for the first time last year. The platform made the whole process of advertising, holding inspections, managing enquiries and applications, and sending through the lease agreement and condition report so easy and efficient. I don't see myself needing to use areal estate company in the future now that I've seen that it isn't very difficult to self-manage the property myself through RentBetter"
“What a great platform!! The RentBetter team have made switching from a  property manager to privately managing our properties so easy. They are  always very helpful and respond any queries immediately. All the forms and  tools are easy to use on their platform. I have started with one property and thinking about converting all with them!! Well done Team!!”
Kenny B.
"I was really hesitant to go through leasing out my property on my own (with no agency help), but RentBetter made it so so easy! There was always someone (a real person) to help me with a question I had in a timely manner. Applicants were surprised at how smooth the process was using the platform (they thought I was an agent!). The user experience and user interface of the  product guided me on what I needed to do to find a tenant and create an  agreement, step by step. It also gave me tips and resources along the way. I would highly recommend using RentBetter to friends and family. Big thanks to  the team for all your help, I found a lovely tenant!"
Lily-Rose D.
“I have had the nicest experience dealing with such a brilliant team of experts.When the rental laws changed, we were having lots of issues last year. Thank God Jeremy and Dan helped us. Their customer service is just excellent as they would go out of their way to educate their clients. I'm so impressed. Thank you, you guys rock!”
Dorries A.
“Really great value. I used to pay several thousand a year for someone to manage my property and now I'm paying a small fee each month for RentBetter to deliver the same, if not better, value. I thought there was a catch, but everything works and they have been professional in with me and my tenant. It seems wrong for people to rent their property any other way. Thank you RentBetter team, eep up the good work.”
Barbara B.
"The best! I wanted more control and agency over the renting out of my apartment and was reluctant to use a real estate agent intermediary as a  result. The RentBetter platform was perfect for my purposes and I was able to  find the ideal tenant for my apartment. Being the first time I have rented my apartment myself, I had quite a few questions on process along the way and found the RentBetter team to be super responsive and helpful throughout."
Su Xibing
“We have found a new best friend called Rent Better who have allowed us to self manage our property by giving us all he support, education and structure that we could ask for. This allows us to be completely hands on with selecting tenants, and attending to repairs, in a way that we choose, with a very affordable fee structure. Everything has run so smoothly. We were a little nervous about self managing but no longer. RentBetter are making us look like we know what we are doing! Highly recommend their excellent platform.”
Kathryn D.
“Wow! What an absolute dream it has been using RentBetter. As a first time self managing landlord I was nervous about taking this on but using this platform has been seamless. It’s is so user friendly that you really can’t go wrong. The responsiveness and service of the team is second to none. I purchased the value pack and now that I have secured a tenant I look forward to using Rent Better for managing my rental moving forward. Thanks team!”
Josey O.
"I have used RentBetter multiple times over the years. Jeremy and the RentBetter Team are excellent, their quick responses allowed me to get my latest tenant moving in within 7 days and top rent achieved. The use of 1 Form also reduces time-wasters and allows me to screen applications before viewings. Looking forward to one day using RentBetter to sell my rental. Thank you RentBetter."
Gary M.