Safety & Compliance Check

CheckHero help landlords and real estate agents manage all their compliance needs, including smoke alarm, gas and electrical checks. They offer a comprehensive, friendly, and affordable service with checks conducted by fully licensed and accredited professionals.

RentBetter empowers you to seamlessly oversee your Safety & Compliance checks using CheckHero's services directly through the platform. Experience convenience and confidence in managing your property's safety obligations and book your check today.

Step 1

Request booking

To start your booking for check, simply click the Book Check button.

Step 2

Booking confirmed

Provide the property and inspection details to send to our RentBetter team. Once you complete the steps, your booking request will be confirmed within 24 hours by our team.

Step 3

Booking completed

You will receive a confirmation email when your request has been scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost is dependant on which service you are booking

Electrical Safety - $229
Gas Safety - $273.90
Smoke Alarms - $86.90

How can I make a booking?

You can book a check through the RentBetter platform with ease. Click here to get started.

Once you complete the booking, your request will be confirmed within 24 hours by our team.

Where is the service available?

Currently the checks service is only available in Victoria (VIC) but we'll let you know if more locations become available!

How often should I conduct checks? 

Smoke Alarms - Under VIC legislation, rental providers are now required to perform annual smoke alarm checks. This means that smoke alarms, including their type and placement, must comply with regulations and be properly installed and maintained.

Electrical and Gas Safety - Under new VIC legislation, rental providers are required to undertake electrical and gas safety checks every two years and are required to maintain a record of these inspections.