We Are RentBetter.

We're a leading disruptor in the Australian residential real estate market; a market that consists of 2.2 million landlords and 3.1 million investment properties.

Forget the traditional ‘real estate agent’ model. We do things a bit differently here.

Through RentBetter’s pretty-damn-cool tech platform, property owners can find their own tenants (match), manage and maintain their property, lease and tenant relationship – all in one place, online.

It’s automated. It’s easy. It's your property but… better.

Our mission: Do it better.

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Find a better way (to rent your property)

We don’t settle for the status quo. Every day, we are stepping out of our comfort zone and questioning – Could we make this better? Can we make renting your property easier?

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Make it work (for our customers)

We don’t exist without our customers. Whatever we do, we put them first; listening to their concerns, pre-empting their needs, asking for their feedback, and making our product work for them.

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You are the best person to do it

Trust your instincts, trust your abilities, take action. We inspire our customers to take control of their properties and investments. Why not start today?

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Deliver what we promise

If we make a commitment, we deliver. This is what inspires trust – from our customers, our partners, our investors and our team.

Jeremy Goldschmidt, CEO

Meet Jeremy. He’s our CEO at RentBetter, and a self-managing property owner who used to share his hot tips with friends and family!

Jeremy founded RentBetter in 2016. At the time, RentBetter was a bit of a ‘side hustle’ while he continued work at ANZ. These days, it’s his 9-5 (or more like 24-7, but we’re trying to convince him that sleep is sometimes a good idea).

Now based in Sydney, Jeremy’s previously been a Management Consultant for Boston Consulting Group, Capgemini, Blackdot and IBM. He started RentBetter as a solution to empower all property owners to self-manage their own properties, saving time, saving money, and gaining control over their investments.