Receive Enquiries

Now that your rental property listing is live, your ad will start to attract interest from prospective tenants. These will all come through your RentBetter 'My Properties' dashboard, where you can easily view, sort, manage and respond to them.

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Instant alerts

You’ll receive instant alerts and notifications when new enquiries come through for your rental advertisement.

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Record of enquiries

Whether enquiries are received by email or phone, you’ll find a record of them on your 'My Properties' dashboard. No confusion or multiple websites – they’re all in one place.

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Sort & manage enquiries

You’ll be able to sort enquiries by type, date, name and source to keep them organised in a way that works best for you. You can also edit the status of an enquiry to confirm what stage you’re at with a potential tenant.

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Conduct viewings

You’ll be able to organise times with your potential tenants for in-person viewings of your property.