Book an Inspection for a Condition Report

It’s important to conduct an initial condition report and regular rental inspections of your property. This will allow you to identify any maintenance issues, ensure your tenants are keeping the place in a good condition and maintain the value of your property.

Luckily, through RentBetter, you can hire a qualified professional to do it for you for only $159.

Step 1

Request booking

Sign in to your RentBetter account, click on ‘Condition Report’ and opt to ‘Book a Professional’.

Step 2

Booking confirmed

Your booking request will be confirmed within 24 hours by a member of the team.

Step 3

Report completed

Your inspection will be completed in person by a qualified professional.

Step 4

Approve & sign

Once your inspection is complete, the report will be available online so you can digitally sign and approve it.

Why book a professional to conduct your condition report or inspection?

It's easy to hire a trusted RentBetter professional who can complete a condition report or inspection on your behalf. This can save valuable time, ensure that no issues are missed, keep your tenants happy, and provide a stress-free, hands-off option when you’re not able to be (or don’t want to be!) in the location of your property.

Easily book online

It’s simple to book directly online with RentBetter. The details of your property are automatically populated, so all you need to do is fill in the inspection form details. We’ll sort the rest!

Certified & trusted professionals

We’ve partnered with Rapid Building Inspections to provide comprehensive inspections for your property that follow Australian recognised standards – all at the click of a button. 

Fast turnaround

Need your inspection done quickly? No problem. All our booking requests are responded to within 24 hours.

All the work done for you

Sometimes completing an in-person inspection is just too much hassle. With RentBetter, there’s no need to lift a finger. Everything will be done for you. All you need to do is digitally sign your report.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a condition report?

A condition report is a document given to your tenant/s at the beginning of the lease period that records the general condition of your property on a room-by-room basis, including fittings and fixtures. It must be completed within the first 7 days of the tenancy.

The report is used as a reference point for future routine inspections and when your tenant/s move out of the property to determine if there was any damage caused while they were living there.

Completing a comprehensive condition report is an important step to protect both you and your tenant.

What is a routine inspection?

Routine inspections are conducted through the lease period to ensure there is no damage to your property, to identify any maintenance or repairs that may be required, and to confirm the property is being kept clean and tidy.

When does the condition report need to be completed?

The initial condition report must be completed within the first 7 days of the tenancy. It is recommended that you complete a condition report for each routine inspection you then do throughout the tenancy.

How often should I conduct a routine inspection?

Most states require you to complete a condition report at both the beginning and end of each tenancy. We would recommend performing routine inspections of your property at least twice a year to ensure it is will maintained. Each state has its own regulations on how often landlords are allowed to conduct routine inspections.

NSW routine inspections: 4 times a year

VIC routine inspections: every 6 months
(but not within the first 3 months)

QLD routine inspections:
every 3 months

SA routine inspections: every 4 weeks

WA routine inspections: 4 times a year

TAS routine inspections: every 3 months
(as well as an initial inspection during the first month)

ACT routine inspections: 2 times a year
(as well as an initial inspection during the first month)

NT routine inspections: every 3 months

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