Run a Tenant Check

Always check references! Before signing your lease, run a comprehensive tenancy check for only $25 (or $18 if you’re a RentBetter customer).

RentBetter uses the National Tenancy Database, the market-leading solution by Equifax, to check the background of your prospective tenant. This is the most extensive database of tenant information in Australia.

Step 1

Enter tenant details

All you’ll need are your prospective tenant’s basic details, current address and one form of ID (e.g. Driver Licence Number and State OR Passport Number and Country).

Step 2

Submit request

Submit your report to check your tenant’s background for only $25 (or $18 as a RentBetter customer).

Step 3

Receive your report in minutes

Choose to download your report or have it emailed to you.

See Sample Report

What will my tenancy check report include?

See Sample Report
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Past tenant history

Review the rental history of your prospective tenant, with information about previous agency screenings. RentBetter will also check if they’ve been listed on the tenant blacklist by a member of the National Tenancy Database.

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Identity information

RentBetter will verify your prospective or current tenant’s identity. This will be checked against a number of national databases and directories to give you peace of mind.

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Bankruptcy information & court records

Has your tenant had past financial troubles or legal issues? RentBetter will double check their previous bankruptcy information and court records.

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Directorship information

Your check will include a search of ASIC company data for any directorship and proprietorship info, including whether your tenant has been disqualified from managing a company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tenant check?

A Tenant check isa check performed on a potential tenant that uses their personal information that connects to a database called the National Tenancy Database (NTD).

We always recommend that our customers conduct reference checks on their prospective tenants.

NTD checks help you evaluate applications quickly and easily by enabling you to:

- Use the market-leading identity verification solution from Equifax
- Check tenants have not been reported on the NTD bad-tenant blacklist
- Review one report with info on past bankruptcies, court records and ASIC data

What should I look for when selecting a tenant?

It’s likely that you will receive a number of applications for your property from prospective tenants, but how do you decide who is the right tenant for your property?

The main questions you’ll want answered are:

- Do they have a stable rental history?
- Have they previously paid their rent on time?
- Have they ever been blacklisted before?
- What are their references from previous landlords?
- Do they have any debts?
- Are they employed full-time and what is their employment history?
- Can you verify their employment?
- Does their affordability line up?
- Do they have any personal references?

For further information, see our article here on selecting the right tenant.

I submitted a tenant check but have not received the report.

The report is typically presented on-screen after payment, and a link is also emailed through to you. Please check your junk email if you have not received it.

My tenant was not found in the database. What does this mean?

The tenant check database can be very sensitive to names and date of birth, so if there is a typo or the information does not match what is on their identity documentation, a match may not be found. We recommend double checking the document prior to submission.