Conduct a Condition Report

It’s important to conduct a condition report of your property. There are two ways that you can do this through RentBetter:

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by completing a digital condition report, or
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by hiring a professional to conduct an in-person inspection for you

All reports will be saved in your 'My Properties' dashboard, so you can easily refer back to them or update them at the beginning, middle and end of your lease.

Step 1

Unique to your property

Your RentBetter condition report template can be customised so that it reflects the specific number of rooms in your property. Remove the hassle of trying to add extra info to a generic report.

Step 2

Inspect with ease

With the ability to add pictures and comments, you can thoroughly inspect all rooms of your property from your computer or mobile.

Step 3

Report completed

Send the completed condition report to your tenant for them to review and complete their part of the inspection if required. You can save the report and access it in future in case you need to make any changes.

Book a Professional for your Condition Report

1. Request booking

Sign in to your RentBetter account, click on ‘Condition Report’ in the 'My Properties' dashboard, and opt to ‘Book a Professional’.

2. Booking confirmed

Your booking request will be confirmed within 24 hours by a member of the team.

3. Report completed

Your report will be completed in-person by a certified professional.

4. Approve & sign

Once your report is complete, it will be available online so you can digitally sign and approve it.