Create & Sign Your Lease

Create, view, send & sign your lease agreement online via RentBetter. Easily enter your tenant’s details and the lease terms, then click a button to send a copy directly to your tenant.

If you’ve signed up for a Match, Manage & Maintain or Manage & Maintain account, both you and your tenant will be able to digitally sign your lease.

Step 1

Create lease agreement

Enter the details and terms of the lease agreement between you and your tenant. Input the amount, frequency and duration of the payment schedule and enter any additional information or inclusions.

Step 2

View lease agreement

Once the PDF version of the lease agreement has been generated, you can view a draft of it and make any updates or changes before finalising the agreement.

Step 3

Send lease to your tenant

Send the completed lease agreement directly to your tenant to sign, at the click of a button.

Step 4

Digitally sign your lease*

You and your tenant will both be able to view and digitally sign your lease agreement. This will then be stored in your RentBetter 'My Properties' dashboard, where you can access it if you need to make changes in future.
* Digital sign is not available on Match only accounts