Hire a Tradesperson

Need to hire a gardener? Find an emergency plumber? Track down a local electrician? When self-managing your property, it’s important to have a network of reliable tradespeople at your fingertips – just in case!

Luckily, through RentBetter in partnership with ServiceSeeking.com.au, you’ll score immediate access to a vast network of local tradies across Australia – including electricians, plumbers, painters, gardeners, cleaners, plasterers, removalists, tilers and much more.

4 steps to hiring a tradesperson

Frequently Asked Questions

How does maintenance work on RentBetter?

To create a new Maintenance Task, head to the My Properties page and locate the property you wish to create a task for.

On the right-hand side, you will see a menu underneath the Manage My Property section. Click on Maintenance.

To add your first maintenance task, click the add maintenance button on the top right.

2. Fill out the form with the relevant information, upload any receipts or photos and save.  

3. You can go back and edit the details if required and update the status of the task once it’s been completed.

In the table, you’ll be able to view all the maintenance requests submitted by you and your tenant. Your tenant will only be able to see maintenance requests that they have submitted.

Once the status of the task has been updated to complete, it will appear in the reporting section of the platform.

What types of maintenance tasks can I log?

You and your tenant can add any type of maintenance task required, and you’ll be able to address the request and mark it as complete once the work has been completed.

As soon as the task has been marked complete, the result and cost will appear in the expenses section of your reports.

How much notice do I need to provide a tenancy if I require maintenance to be done on my property?

Typically, prior to getting a quote or commencing work, you would have discussed the issue with your tenant. Quite often the request starts with the tenant identifying an issue, so they are usually on board with the work required.