A Guide to Handling Tenant Bills on RentBetter

What and how should you charge your tenant? See our guide to handling tenant bills via RentBetter.

A Guide to Handing Tenant Bills and Charging Your Tenant on RentBetter

Bills, bills, bills - they’re a part of owning a property but who’s responsible for what and how do you charge your tenant? That's the question that's often asked by landlords when it comes to handling tenant bills for their investment property.

Understanding and balancing your expenses is essential to being a successful landlord.

What bills should you charge your tenant for?

As a general rule, utilities like electricity, water and gas*, in most states if the property is separately metered as well as other items like:

Repairs, if the tenant has damaged the property
Lost Keys/Key fobs
Extra services or modifications, like gardening or cleaning if agreed and they are not included in the tenancy agreement.

*Please check the guidelines for your local state authority

Some landlords prefer to include bills in their rental payments but you should assess your own situation to understand what works best for you.

It's important to remember that your tenancy agreement should always state who is responsible and what is not included in the rent.

How can you charge your tenant?

It’s never been easier to bill your tenants with RentBetter. On our self-management platform, you can create and send the bill in under a minute and completely remove unnecessary back-and-forth between you and your tenant.

Manage your property, all in one place!

We want to make it as simple and easy for you to manage your property so that’s why we’ve created a product for landlords that allows them to see everything in one place, from bills, tracking expenses and rental payments, it’s all on the RentBetter self-management platform.

To find out more, enquire with our team on the website chat or get in touch via email at  info@rentbetter.com.au and we’ll be in contact to help.