A Quick Reference Guide For Running Property Viewings (or Inspections)

A checklist and quick guide to managing your own inspection and finding a tenant.

Viewing and Inspections Checklist: How do I run my own property inspection?

Every week there are thousands of property inspections conducted around the country. Depending on the market conditions at the time, a property can be rented after just a single inspection, or in some cases, multiple inspections may be required.

How do I run my own property inspection?

Although inspections are a fairly routine process, it helps to have a checklist which you can refer to each time, so that you don't forget or skip over important items.

We've created a checklist below that you may find useful as a reference point prior to inspections. As much as we'd like it to be completely comprehensive for every owner in every situation, we recognise there are always specific items for your unique circumstances.

We'd love to hear from you if you think there are relevant points to add below.


Property Viewing and Inspection Checklist:

  1. Publish your ad with inspection times so people come through in groups rather than co-ordinating single time slots
  2. Notify your current tenants in writing (email/SMS) at least 7 days before the inspection time
  3. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the inspection time and start on time
  4. Put up a sign if the entrance is difficult to find, or leave instructions to buzz in an apartment block
  5. Ask tenants to take pets/animals out of the property during the inspection
  6. Ensure the property is clean (ask tenants to help by not showering or leaving a lit cigarette or food in the sink just before the inspection begins)
  7. Open doors, windows and blinds
  8. Remove hazards that can cause people harm (e.g. electrical cords, wet floors, children's toys, sharp objects, uneven steps)
  9. Ask tenants to keep valuables out of reach or out of sight during the inspection
  10. Stand at the front door to greet those arriving at the inspection
  11. Be prepared with 2-3 questions tenants may have (e.g. start date, weekly rent, noise levels etc.)
  12. Have application forms, or the web address for the tenant to complete the form online

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