Customer Stories: Franco G.

Hear from RentBetter customer Franco about how self-management allowed him to gain control of his investments.

Read how RentBetter changed the life of this professional landlord and allowed him to take full control of his investment properties.


Franco G. - RentBetter Customer

Franco is an experienced investor and property owner having managed his own property portfolio now for 25 years. You could call Franco a ‘Professional Landlord’ of sorts! and right now he manages eight properties across one building in Sydney.

We recently caught up with him to chat about his experience using the RentBetter self-management platform to see how things have been going for him.


Franco's Story.

Franco has been using RentBetter for around a year and having owned and managed many properties over the years, it’s fair to say he’s as experienced a self-managed landlord as you can get!

One of the main reasons Franco loves to manage his properties himself is that it gives him control and he gets to manage things the way he wants to. and, apart from the significant cost savings, Franco also enjoys the personal interaction with his tenants that he otherwise wouldn’t get using a property management company.

Franco switched to the RentBetter platform a year ago and said he hasn’t looked back since.


What is RentBetter?

RentBetter provides landlords with a more cost-effective way to manage their properties through a simple and intuitive technology platform. We help landlords find tenants and manage their properties for a fraction of the cost of using an agent.


The Switch for Life

Franco said that switching to RentBetter has been one of the best decisions he’s ever made. He found that the yield was higher and he never missed an opportunity, he was able to make immediate decisions on selecting tenants and resolve issues without having to go through a ‘middleman’ and waiting for a response.


Franco’s main goals for successful self-management included :

  1. Getting tenants in the door quickly and efficiently
  2. Being able to track payments and avoid missed payments
  3. Record keeping and documentation


How RentBetter Helped Franco

One of the main reasons Franco moved over to RentBetter was due to the ability the platform has to keep track of everything, all in one place.

Being able to produce rental ledgers and document everything from payments to maintenance was a huge advantage for him. He now doesn’t need to worry about keeping manual records and spreadsheets, it’s all there for him in the platform to see.

Prior to using RentBetter, Franco was managing things manually and even though he is an experienced landlord, he said that removing this job from him was a big relief. With RentBetter’s automated payment system complete with reminders for his tenants, he said that he has rarely ever had a missed payment since.

Franco has always believed in self-management but said that RentBetter makes it so much easier for him. He said it really makes him look professional as if he were a real estate agent…

“I love that as a landlord I appear to be very professional - it's as if I were a real estate agent. I wish I got onto RentBetter earlier!  It’s the best tool out there to manage your property and, if you’re a novice landlord, you absolutely need RentBetter. It’s packaged so well, everything is documented and it makes it extremely easy to manage your property.”


Successfully Self-Managing - The RentBetter Way

From the ability to advertise, receive enquiries and applications, run tenant checks, document and digitally sign, track payments and create reports, the RentBetter platform offers landlords all the tools you need to manage your property on your own.


We were so happy to hear how great things were going for Franco and the team at RentBetter are really proud to be helping landlords take control of their investment to reap the rewards!

If you want to chat about your property investment and see how we can help, get in touch with our friendly team at or sign up to experience the platform for yourself!

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