Customer Stories - Janine P.

Find out how RentBetter is helping business owner Janine manage her property.

Running her own business and managing her own property - the right tools helping Janine make it work! 

Janine is a property owner who was looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to manage her rental property. Janine has a busy work life, running her own PR company by day and managing her own property since 2021.

She came across RentBetter, a tech platform that provides online management tools for property owners and after doing some research and comparing costs, she decided to jump on board!

We caught up with Janine recently who told us a bit about how RentBetter has helped her. Check out her story below. 

Janine's goals for Self-Management:

With the rising cost of living and the current market being unpredictable, it was a no-brainer for her to ditch her costly agent and begin her self-management journey. 

Two of the things that Janine wanted to gain from managing her property herself were a closer relationship with her tenants, and to save on agent fees. 

Janine said she was impressed that the platform provided all the knowledge as well as the necessary forms and management tools such as the digital lease agreement template, which meant she felt totally comfortable without needing to rely on an agent to start her tenancy. 

Janine is signed up for the ‘Manage and Maintain’ plan which is a great option for people who already have a tenant and are looking to manage their property and tenancy.

For just $36 a month you can:

  • Create your lease agreement
  • View and sign your lease online (you and your tenant)
  • Set up and organise bond payments
  • Conduct digital condition reports (or hire a pro to do it for you)
  • Collect, manage and provide receipts for rental payments 
  • Track expenses & automate reports (including EOFY)
  • Instant message your tenant on platform
  • Extend or end your lease agreement at the click of a button
  • Store all your important docs in one place
  • Schedule repairs & maintenance
  • Organise routine inspections
  • Receive automatic reminders, payment notifications and prompts – so you don’t have to waste time thinking about it.

On recommending RentBetter to others, Janine said: 

“Even though RentBetter is a technology platform, I love the balance of support provided by their team. Having that support meant that I felt more confident in doing it myself, it gave me the control I needed but if I had a question, the answers were there. I have everything I need to manage my property, I’ve got a great relationship with my tenants and as a bonus, I’m saving! I’ve recommended it to everyone I know who has a property”

Successfully Self-Managing - The RentBetter Way.

The platform has enabled Janine to handle a range of tasks for her tenancy, such as creating and signing her lease agreement digitally, conducting condition reports, handling maintenance requests, bills and expenses for her tenants, and generating reports so she always knows where she stands financially. 

With RentBetter's tools and supportive team, Janine said felt like she had everything she needed to manage her property with ease, enabling her to run her business effectively alongside. She loves that she has formed a better a relationship with her tenants which was one of her main goals and she's saving which means more money is going back into her investment. She has been so impressed with her experience using RentBetter and has already recommended it to many of her friends and family who are looking for a similar solution.  

To learn more about the platform and see how it can help you manage your investment property, chat to us on the website (we’ll reply pretty quickly!), send us an email or sign up for a free demo.