Selecting the Right Tenants - 2 Key Points to Keep in Mind

How should you decide on the right tenant? 2 key factors that will make your decision easier.

Selecting the Right Tenant

It's likely that you will receive a number of applications for your property from prospective tenants, but how do you decide who is the right tenant for your property?

There are two questions that every owner should ask themselves

  1. Can Your Tenants Pay?
  2. Will They Treat the Property With Respect? 

While it may seem obvious who the right candidate is based on answering these questions, it's worth considering the following scenarios:

How To Know If Prospective Tenants Are Reliable?

It can be hard to decide on the perfect tenant. It is worth considering the employment status of the prospective tenant and their rental history.

However, it can also be worthwhile to consider the number of sources of income. Visit our blog for more tips on selecting the perfect tenant.

Will Prospective Tenants Treat the Property With Respect?

Your applicant presents very well on paper, with a secure job and solid bank balance. It can be hard to see beneath the applicants’ self-praise. It is definitely worth considering a more thorough check.

Make the time for a few phone calls to a past landlord and ask some critical questions – did they pay the rent on time? You will be dealing with your tenants for the entire term of their lease, make sure you know about the quality of their character.

Use The National Tenancy Database (NTD)

RentBetter helps property owners select the right tenant by providing access to the National Tenancy Database, the most extensive database for tenant checks in Australia.

Sign up to RentBetter and check your tenants through the NTD for a discounted price of $18 per check.