The National Tenancy Database (NTD)

Everything you need to know about the National Tenancy Database and why you should use it to find quality tenants.

Everything you need to know about the National Tenancy Database (NTD) and why you should use it to secure quality tenants for your property.

It can be a daunting task trying to choose the right tenants for your home but rest assured there are a range of tools out there that landlords can use to aid in the screening process and avoid those potential rental disasters.

Checking a tenants income and references is always something that you should do when screening applicants but accessing the tenancy database is a great way to complete the due diligence to know which tenant you should approve.

What is the National Tenant Database (NTD)?

National Tenancy Database (NTD) is one of the most comprehensive Australian tenancy databases that store information about a tenants history and is owned by Equifax. The NTD is a resource usually used by real estate agents and property managers to screen potential tenants, however, landlords have access to it too.

Why Do You Need an NTD Report?

National Tenancy Database from Equifax can help you evaluate tenancy applications quickly and easily - it’s more than just a tenant blacklist. There are some major benefits to using the database to screen tenants, enabling you to make informed decisions and find quality tenants for your property. Is the tenant who they say they are?

Have they ever damaged a property before, do they owe a previous landlord rent? Have they ever been blacklisted or bankrupt? These are some of the questions that the report will answer for you to give you peace of mind in who you allow living in your most important asset.

How to Protect Yourself Using RentBetter

You can protect yourself with a comprehensive tenancy check from the National Tenancy Database, accessed from the RentBetter platform at a discounted price of $18 The checks help you evaluate applications quickly and easily and really add that extra layer of security during the tenant screening process.

On RentBetter, ordering a check is simple. Once you have you applicants shortlisted, you can order a check with the click of the button. You can enter applicants details, submit the request, and the report will be available for download or emailed to your nominated account.

  • Use the market-leading identity verification solution from Equifax
  • Check tenants have not been reported on the NTD bad-tenant blacklist
  • One report with info on past bankruptcies, court records, and ASIC data

If you’ve completed your tenant screening process to a high standard nothing should come up in your NTD checks but as the saying goes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Especially when it comes to your investment. Checking the NTD as a final measure in your screening process could help you dodge a bullet and save a lot of pain down the road.

The RentBetter platform is feature-packed to make managing your property easy. Whether you’re managing one or one hundred properties, the platform has all the tools, education and support that landlords need to manage their property for a greater return.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your property, get in touch with our friendly team or sign up to the platform for free.