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How Can I Save Money On Property Management?

If you have secured your investment property, you’re probably ready to maximise your returns. Property managers typically take a huge cut of your rent in exchange for property management. Have you contemplated cutting out the middle man to avoid giving out a large chunk of your rent? Managing your property can be very exciting, especially as you won’t have to worry about hefty agent fees!

How To Get Started On Self-Managing My Rental?

Managing your own rental property is certainly not rocket science, and it’s definitely a great way to save money as you say goodbye to hefty management fees! By following the steps below, you’ll be equipped with the best tips & tricks to help you get going with self-managing your rental.

How Do I Rent Out My Own Property?

1. Design a property ad using RentBetter to publish your investment property on major sites such as Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au.

2. Search for a tenant. Once your ad is up and running, you’ll start receiving enquiries for your property. RentBetter provides a central platform where you will able to see your tenant enquiries, perform background checks using the National Tenancy Database (NTD) and manage incoming applications from prospective tenants.

3. Generate Lease. Tools on the RentBetter website will allow you to seamlessly create an agreement between you and your tenant. Look to our guide on registering and lodging a rental bond for more information on getting set up.

4. Improve ease of communication between you and your tenant. Connect with your tenant through Rentbetter.com.au.

5. Generate a rent collection calendar. RentBetter will take charge of getting on top of late rental payments by sending reminders to tenants.

6. Centralise all maintenance requests. Use RentBetter to keep track of all maintenance requests so that you can act fast!.

7. Create a rental ledger. RentBetter provides you with the tools to make this possible!

How Can I Cut Down Property Management Fees?

Join RentBetter Management Platform! The team at RentBetter are excited about providing tools to simplify the menial tasks associated with renting and managing your property to provide you with a financially feasible way to become a DIY landlord.

With RentBetter, you won’t have to worry about large property management fees. For only $36/month, you’ll have access to the tools professionals use, and in no time, you’ll be an expert in rental management.

RentBetter will help you RentBetter.


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