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How To Self-Manage & Save

Self-managing your own rental can be the perfect way to cut down management fees. The push back is typically that people don’t feel like they have enough time to manage their property themselves, so they outsource management to an agent. But in reality, most people are not confident in their agent, and now they’ve got a whole new headache to take care of.

RentBetter is here to make self-management a feasible option for landlords, by speeding up mundane tasks and automating processes. The process of managing your own rental can be extremely exciting – especially with access to tools professionals use, giving YOU the expertise of professionals, but at the fraction of the cost. Let’s talk about the RentBetter Management Platform.

What Steps Do I Have To Follow?

1. Design an ad and use RentBetter to display your rental on prime real estate sites such as Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au.
2. Search for a tenant. Manage all enquiries, perform background checks and receive applications with tools provided by RentBetter.
3. Create Agreement. Tools on the RentBetter website will allow you to seamlessly create an agreement between you and your tenant.
4. Onboard your tenant. Connect with your tenant through the RentBetter platform.
5. Generate a rent collection schedule. Use RentBetter to notify tenants when payment is due.
6. Keep track of maintenance requests. Use RentBetter to keep track of all fixes requested by tenants so that you can keep track of what you need to do.
7. Create a rental ledger. RentBetter provides you with the tools to make this possible!


How To Get Started?

Use RentBetter. The team at RentBetter are exciting about providing tools to automate the routine tasks about renting your property to provide you with an affordable way to to self-manage your property. With RentBetter, once you set up tenants onto the platform, you will enter rent collection details where you can see payment dates and a ledger based on the history of payments. The perfect way to advertise and manage your own rental property.



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