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Check out how Jerome decided to self-manage his investment property


How long have you been a self-managed landlord?

We purchased our latest investment property around 6 months ago. We decided to do it ourselves this time after a few bad experiences with third party property managers. In our experience, they take a lot and do very little. So when it came time to buy our next investment property, we decided to take matters into our own hands and self-manage it this time around. 


What made you decide to use RentBetter to help you self-manage your investment property?

When we came across RentBetter and saw the features it offered, it was a no brainer. 

Having used the platform for around 6 months now, it couldn’t be simpler. Getting an ad on the three main property platforms was easy and we had a fantastic response. 

In no time at all we found a great tenant. We took ownership of the property on a Tuesday, we had the ads posted by the end of the week, conducted open inspections a week after that and had a tenant soon after. All up it was less than a month turnaround from the day we took ownership to the new tenant moving in! We also saved over half the cost it would have taken to go through a third party. 


What would you say are the most useful features of the RentBetter platform?

I like that all the forms that you normally have to print form the government websites and fill out have all been digitised and made available on the platform. It’s so much easier having it all in the one place. 

The condition report was also a big plus. It made onboarding our tenant smooth from both our end and the tenants end. The fact we save the cost of a Xero license is great, and saves us having to do spreadsheets. We just put all of our expenses into the platform, which will hopefully save us headaches at tax time!

That’s really what I was looking for – I wanted to be able to do everything in one place and not have to go anywhere else. I love how all the information is visible to both parties. The platform creates a level of transparency that would otherwise be unavailable to a self-managed landlord. 


Have your tenants been happy to use the RentBetter platform?

We push everything through the RentBetter platform, and so far our tenants have been more than happy to use it. They’ve said they prefer to deal directly with the owner, which is great, because so do we!


Would you encourage other landlords to self-manage their properties with RentBetter?

Absolutely, I rave about it to nearly everyone I speak to! 

The level of control we have over the property is our main driver. We know exactly where we stand and what’s happening in the property. The transparency we have now is invaluable. 

Jeremy and the team have also been super helpful to answer any questions we have. You couldn’t ask for a more responsive team. We’ve been very happy so far!

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