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Check out how Lillie C. decided to self-manage her investment properties


How long have you been a self-managed landlord, and what made you decide to do it yourself? 

I purchased my first property in my 20s and have bought and sold about 14 properties over time. I’d gone through an agent before, and was horrified at the upfront fee (being two weeks rent!) as well as the ongoing management fees. By the time the fees were taken out and I’d paid to rectify the damage the tenant had caused to the property, I only ended up with about a 4% return when the property was sold. 

I knew I didn’t want a repeat of this experience. I wanted a long term investment that I could keep. After deciding I wanted a bigger home for myself, I knew I needed a mortgage to buy the kind of house I’d dreamed of. I did the sums, and realised I wouldn’t be able to afford it if I engaged an agent. That’s when I started looking into self-management options. 


What made you decide to use RentBetter to help you self-manage your investment property? 

I found RentBetter on Google – I looked at the reviews and was definitely interested! I contacted the team, and Jeremy responded very promptly – he even called me to talk through how the platform worked. 

I really liked how everything was correctly set up in legal terms. I wanted that sense of security, but also wanted it to be at arm’s length. 


What would you say are the key benefits of the RentBetter platform? 

The key benefit for me is the convenience! Everything is all laid out for you and easily accessible on the platform. It’s like having someone there with you, directing you what to do and guiding you through it. All the correct forms are there, so I was across all my responsibilities as a landlord. 

I’ve been really happy with all the features on the platform. What really impressed me was when I received a reminder from RentBetter that my NSW Rental Bond account document hadn’t been completed. I had no idea what this even was! I thought this was brilliant – I wouldn’t have even known if the platform hadn’t alerted me, which gives me peace of mind that all the right legal boxes have been ticked. 


Have your tenants been happy to use the RentBetter platform? 

They certainly haven’t made any enquiries, and I know them personally now that I’m self-managing. I’m really comfortable with the arrangement I have with my tenants. I’m more than happy to see them as I don’t have to get bogged down with paperwork – all of that is taken care of by RentBetter. 


Would you encourage other landlords to self-manage their properties with RentBetter? 

Absolutely – 100%! I think the days of the real estate agents taking a huge cut are probably over. It takes courage to self-manage, but I wouldn’t do it any other way. 

To those who are hesitant, I say – be brave and have a go!


Lillie C.

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