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How Louise saved over $8K per year on Property Management with RentBetter


A Landlord’s Story

We’ve all heard the stories of substandard Property Management Agencies and unfortunately, this one is far too common. We recently sat down with Louise to discuss her experience on RentBetter and to understand why she chose the self-management path for her properties.

Louise is an experienced landlord in her 40’s and has been investing in property for over 10 years.

She has properties in multiple states across Australia and started self-managing after some unfortunate experiences with her property management company. She is currently using the bundle package –Find a Tenant’ and ‘Manage My Property’ on RentBetter, which includes everything you need to manage your investment property.


What is RentBetter?

RentBetter provides landlords with a more cost-effective way to manage their properties through a simple and intuitive technology platform. We help landlords find tenants and manage their properties for a fraction of the cost of using an agent.


Switching From Her Agent

Louise had been using an agent for many years to manage her portfolio however after experiencing some ongoing issues with the property management company she decided to take things on herself.

Louise outlined her major pain points in the decision for her to switch from an agent:

  • Issues with the agency not responding in a timely manner
  • Overpriced listings, resulting in the property being vacant for longer
  • Missed maintenance issues including broken smoke alarms

Considering the amount of money she was paying for an agency to manage her properties which included $170 per week in Management Fees plus $1500 a year in Annual Fees, it equated to quite a large sum for a service that wasn’t really cutting it anymore.


Louise’s Goals for Self-Management: 

  1. Take back the control of her property and have the chance to interact with her tenants.
  2. She wanted full visibility and control over the maintenance on her property to ensure it was taken care of properly.
  3. Save Money


How RentBetter Helped Louise

Louise signed up to RentBetter on a bundled plan with ‘Find a Tenant’ and ‘Manage My Property’ included for her 3 properties.

She was able to save over $8,000 per year. 

Although Louise was apprehensive about taking on the management of her properties herself after using an agent for so long, she has described her experience on RentBetter as a really positive one, detailing not only how she saved but also how easy it was to do it herself.

  • It was really easy to complete the listing
  • The ability to schedule open house times
  • The ability to receive applications online
  • All the paperwork was stored in one place
  • Notification automations to keep up with tenant payments


RentBetter Savings


On recommending RentBetter to other landlords, Louise said:

“Absolutely! RentBetter saves you so much money, especially when you have more than 1 property. Not only are the savings really significant but once the tenant is onboarded, managing the property is really easy. There is some time spent in finding a tenant in those initial stages however the cost benefits outweigh the time spent and RentBetter give you all the tools to do it yourself”


Successfully Self-Managing

The team at RentBetter are really proud to be helping landlords take back control of their investment. It’s always really great to hear success stories like Louise’s and see the amazing results they are having through self-managing on the platform.

If you want to chat about your property investment and see how we can help, get in touch with our friendly team at info@rentbetter.com.au or sign up to experience the platform for yourself.

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