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Customer Stories – Nick N

If you have an investment property you should read this great story about a happy landlord using RentBetter!


How long have you been investing in property?

We first started investing in property 30 years ago. After operating various businesses of my own for over 40 years, I had enough experience in management positions and had a plan to build our wealth through property investment. We’ve since had 10 properties over the years at different times, and currently own four – three investments and one that we live in. The very first property we bought for $55,000 in 1980, we turned into a $1.2 million home which we sold 6 years ago. I’m truly proud of what we’ve accomplished through property investment. It’s so rewarding seeing the fruits of years of hard work – it drives you to achieve more and more. 


What made you decide to self-manage your properties?

I’ve been a landlord for 30 years, and in the beginning, we used a third party to manage our properties. We found after a while that it might be useful for the first 6 months, but in our experience, we found they would drop the ball a bit. Third-party property managers just don’t have the same sense of care for the property as you do yourself. Eventually, we realised that there was no need to rely on a third party to do what we can do ourselves. We decided to self-manage and have never looked back! 


What are some of the benefits you’ve experienced through self-managing your property?

The whole principle I rely on is that for every dollar you spend, you need to get at least 2-3 dollars back – that’s what is going to bring the money in. We’ve achieved this with all the properties we’ve bought and sold. However, aside from financial growth, the most important part of self-management for us is that we have control over our investments. We’re able to pick our tenants and have a better understanding of what’s going on in our properties. I believe I’m a pretty good judge of character, so we always end up with a good tenant. If there are ever maintenance issues, we have the freedom to use tradies with who I already have a relationship with, or I can even just fix the issue myself! 


What has your experience with self-managing with RentBetter been like?

Over the 30 years that I’ve been a self-managed landlord, I have used a fair number of other platforms to manage our rentals over that time. None of them has been nearly as sophisticated and user-friendly as RentBetter. When I first started using RentBetter, I couldn’t believe the efficiency! The functions are next to none. Within 2 days of advertising our property, we were overwhelmed with over 60 responses. One of the winning factors is the 24/7 customer service. I know if I ever have a question, I’ll be able to get a response within a matter of hours using the online chat function. 


Would you recommend RentBetter to your friends/ colleagues?

Absolutely. I’ll be telling everybody I know who has an investment property to go to RentBetter. Self-managing without a platform isn’t easy, and I’ve been very impressed with RentBetter – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this platform!


Nick N

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