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Want to make your Rental Property stand out from the rest? We’ve got the top tips to ensure you are attracting tenants to your listing.


Why is it important to present your Rental Property well?


As with any marketing or sales opportunity, there is a benefit to putting your best foot forward and showing the property in the best way possible. As more and more people snap up properties due to the attraction from low-interest rates, we’re seeing a larger number of people who own investment homes. 


Due to the current market conditions, the competition is also fierce between tenants searching for a rental property but this doesn’t mean those tenants are just going to come flocking straight to yours – with so much choice around, you need to put in the effort to make it stand out amongst the rest. 


Take a look at our top tips for making your property stand out and start attracting tenants with ease.


Tip 1. Have Great Photos


This might be an obvious one but having good quality photos is a must for any listing. And you don’t even have to get them done professionally, most modern phones have great cameras on them.


If you’re not great with your photography skills, it may be best to leave them up to a professional. The good thing about doing this is that is once you invest in them, you can re-use them if you ever need to (providing the property doesn’t undergo any major changes). 


On RentBetter, you can access a professional photographer for your property at a discounted rate. There are a number of packages available for you to choose from at affordable rates, head to the below link to check out what’s offered:


Find out more here – https://rentbetter.com.au/professional-photography/ 


Snappr Photography and RentBetter


You should also consider using video as a tool for your listing. Recent research shows that properties with a video attached to them attract more interest than those with photos alone. Video allows you to give people an honest representation of your property in its current state. 


Tip 2. Highlight by using Creative Words


Highlight your property’s selling points and its best features by using creative language throughout your ad. You want to highlight these so that when someone looks at your ad, they see these things instantly. 


One of the best ways to do this is through the title of your ad. The title is a short 80 character summary of the highlights of a property. It might be as simple as “bright north facing apartment with ocean views” or if you’re stuck for creative language it can be as simple as “a house on a corner block near public transport”. It is simply a way to share the key points about your property with viewers.


Highlighting these keywords in your listing makes a difference in who you attract. It pays to your market and what people are looking for in a home. 


Tip 3. Presentation is Key


People like to picture themselves living in your home and that’s hard to do if things are all over the place, messy or dirty. Make sure your property is clean and clutter-free


This especially counts when conducting in-person viewings/inspections. Open windows, get fresh air into the property and let light in if you can.  


This can be more difficult if you have tenants that are still living in the property as you won’t have as much control over their living style. If you have good tenants, then it’s usually not an issue if they are taking care of the home but remember to communicate with them to coordinate the best time for inspections. 


You can our inspection checklist here – https://rentbetter.com.au/view/quick-reference-guide-running-inspection/


Tip 4. Add Value Where You Can 


Do your research and compare the properties on the market in your area. It might be worth investing in small improvements like a lick of paint between tenants or putting in some new carpet if your current one is getting tired or has seen better days. This helps to instantly refresh your property without putting a huge dent in the budget. 


If you have the cash though, investing in improvements like a dishwasher or air conditioning can increase the value of your property and you’ll attract more people to it. You’ll likely be able to rent it out for more if you have the right amenities too. 


Tip 5. Be Open and Flexible 


It pays to be more flexible about your attitudes towards things like allowing pets in your property.

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world and it’s on the rise. Allowing a tenant to have a pet strengthen’s the idea of your rental property being someones ‘home’ and your tenant is more inclined to stay in the property long term.


The pet laws are currently being reviewed across the country too. In some states like Victoria, for example, landlords are unable to refuse a tenant’s reasonable request to have a pet in their property. So stay open-minded and if you’re open to having pets, you’ll appeal to a greater audience. 


Read more – https://rentbetter.com.au/view/furry-friend/


Tip 6. The Price is Right!


This is one of the most important tips to remember. Price tends to be the most influential driver in the level of interest in a property. It makes sense, when there is a market of different options, users will use price as a way to rank options and make decisions. Finding the right price is then a critical part of the process. 


There are two factors to consider when deciding on the ‘right’ price:


How are similar properties in the market today priced, and are you competitive? 

This means visiting the property sites and reviewing your direct competition to see if you’re priced well. We sometimes see multiple properties in a single building where one is half the price of the other, and the cheaper option attracts all the attention. 


We suggest going through the list of properties advertised on the property sites and identifying those that are superior, and then those that are inferior and placing your property in between the two on price. You can always adjust the price at a later date, so starting with a price and adjusting is the right approach.


What data or market pricing reports are available on price?

You can visit https://rentbetter.com.au/listing-report/ and access a pricing report from Core Logic. This will give you insights into the area, and an estimate of the rental amount from a trusted and reputable leader in the property market.

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