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Managing Your Rental Property Without An Agent

Securing an investment property is a big deal. Strategising on the best way to maximise returns on that investment property is an even bigger deal. It’s time to consider self-managing your own property.

Cutting costs of a real estate agent can be a real game-changer, and can save you thousands… Let’s get our priorities in check.

  1. I want to increase my rental income. 
  2. I want to be in-charge of major decisions about my rental property.

How to get started? 

Using RentBetter! RentBetter have worked hard to automate the simple tasks associated with managing your property. We provide an effortless way to become a DIY landlord. We help you onboard your tenant, centralise a rental collection platform and generate rental ledgers based on the history of payments. If a payment is missed or fails for some reason, notifications and alerts are sent to owners and tenants to take action quickly. RentBetter, making it possible to manage your own property. 

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