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Property Management Software Tools To Help Landlords

Property management can involve many menial and routine tasks, that might be either time consuming or simply tedious. RentBetter provides property management software with tools to automate these tasks, making the rental management process more valuable.

Here are some of the tools offered by RentBetter:


Advertise your rental property on Australia’s leading property sites, Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au. With RentBetter, you will be able to create your property ad, upload photos and advertise your rental to thousands of potential tenants.

Tenant Checks

The platform allows you to manage enquiries, receive tenant applications and run national tenancy database checks.

RentBetter allows you to run a tenancy background check to see if you prospective tenant is a good fit for your property, for $25. You can enter applicant details, submit the request, and the report will be available for download or emailed to your nominated account.

Use the market leading identity verification solution from Equifax to check that tenants have not been reported on the NTD bad-tenant blacklist. Running this check will generate one report with information on past bankruptcies, court records and ASIC data.

As an active RentBetter customer, you are able to access reports at the discounted price of $18.


Lease Agreement

Once you have found the ideal tenant, you can de-activate your ad and create a lease agreement.
Manage your lease portfolio with RentBetter, giving you a central place to view lease history and other important information.
RentBetter allows you to create a lease agreement that adheres to your specific state regulations. Once the agreement has been made, automation tools will notify the tenant that the lease is ready to be signed.

Rental Payments

Sick of chasing tenants for rent? RentBetter does it for you! Our automated system allows you to relax knowing that your rent will always be collected.

RentBetter ensures landlords receive payments on time every time with our direct debit billing system. Automated rent collection removes the hassle of tracking down your tenants.

RentBetter also offer a solution to help landlords keep an eye on their income, with easy access to their rental ledger.


Want access to these tools?

RentBetter offer innovative property management tools to help landlords and managers navigate through the rental process. RentBetter will help you find and manage tenants using professional tools, but at a fraction of the cost of an agent.


Get started today.

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