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7 tips that will make your property look picture perfect!

Including photos in your property advertisement is all about giving prospective tenants a glimpse of the property, and putting your ‘best foot forward’ in terms of showing what it has to offer. You don’t need to be the next Annie Leibovitz or Anne Geddes to take great photos yourself, but you do need to have an idea of what you’re trying to capture. Use the 7 tips below to get the best outcome.

How should I photograph my rental property? 

  1. Prepare the space: Remove clutter, personal items and anything that may make the area look messy or unclean. Try to remove any unnecessary furniture, so there are just a few key pieces remaining in the room.
  2. Use natural light: Turn off the flash on your camera, open the blinds and the windows and try to let in as much natural light as possible. Do not face the sun or the direction of the light when you take the photo, let the light enter the room from behind you.
  3. Follow the line: Keep horizontal and vertical lines in the photo as straight as possible. For example, ensure the floor or bench tops are horizontal across the image, rather than at an angle. If there are walls, cupboards or room separators, try to ensure they line up vertically with the photo and there are no diagonals. Removing distractions and interference for the viewer is worthwhile.
  4. Aim low: Photos taken from a lower level often create straighter lines and suggest larger spaces. Try crouching down to get the best interior shots.
  5. Cast wide: Start in the corner of the room, or even in a door way so you can show the full width and capture the entire space available.
  6. Release your inner stylist: There is no need to go overboard trying to find the latest styles and accessories for your room, but if there is an opportunity to fill a vase with flowers, or show off your best pillows and decorations, then this is it!
  7. Be selective: Take about 10-15 photos, and select the best photo as your ‘hero’ and lead exhibit for your ad. Remember, you do not need to show every photo, select carefully.

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