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Self-Managing Your Investment Property

Renting out your own property is extremely exciting! Taking on the challenge of managing a property yourself can be incredibly rewarding and you’ll notice it immediately. 

Make sure to arm yourself with tools at RentBetter.com.au. At RentBetter, you’ll learn how to control expenses and maximise the return on your investment using RentBetter.


What RentBetter can do for you 

RentBetter have worked hard to automate the simple tasks associated with managing your property. We provide an effortless way to become a DIY landlord. Take a look at what we can do for you:

1. Create an ad and use RentBetter to publish your rental property on major sites such as Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au

2. Find a tenant. Manage enquiries, perform tenant checks and receive applications all through RentBetter.com.au

3. Create a lease agreement. Use RentBetter to generate a lease agreement for your tenancy. 

4. Onboard your tenant. Connect with your tenant through Rentbetter.com.au

5. Create a rent collection schedule. Use RentBetter to notify tenants when payment is due.

6. Keep track of maintenance requests. Use RentBetter to centralise all maintenance requests. 

7. Create a rental ledger. RentBetter provides you with the tools to make this possible!

Get started with RentBetter today



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