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Professional Photography

Organise professional photos with Snappr Packages starting from $109

Order a Photo Shoot

With Snappr you can instantly book a quality photographer to improve the quality of the photos included in your advertisement. Even more exciting is when using code RNTBTR you will get 5% off your first Snappr booking. To get started follow the steps and the link below.


Provide Snappr with basic information like when, where and why


In less than 1 minute Snappr will match you with a photographer


A Snappr photographer will shoot with their professional kit


Within 48 hours you’ll get access to your photos

There are a number of different packages available for you to choose, if you’re conscious of time and money, choose a 1 hour mini shoot for $109 and then apply your 5% discount. You’ll get 6 high-res photos with image enhancement included.

Special offer: As a RentBetter customer, you will get 5% of your first booking with Snappr when you use the code RNTBTR