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Can I manage my own rental property without an agent?

If you have purchased your rental property, it’s time to start maximising your return on investment. Have you considered cutting out your agent to save thousands on management fees? Renting out your own property can be extremely rewarding, especially as you increase the return on your investment!

You will have to learn some management tasks before you get started. But not to worry, RentBetter’s Management Platform is here to guide the way.



How To Self-Manage My Property?


1. Create a property ad using RentBetter.

Publish your investment property on prime real estate sites such as Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au.


2. Look for a tenant.

Receive all enquiries, perform background checks and control applications with tools provided by RentBetter.


3. Lease Agreement.

Create a lease agreement on RentBetter.com.au.


4. Onboard your tenant.

Connect with your tenant through Rentbetter.com.au.


5. Generate a rent collection schedule.

Use RentBetter to notify tenants when payment is due.


6. Keep track of maintenance requests.

Use RentBetter to centralise all maintenance requests so that you can keep track of what you need to do.


7. Create a rental ledger.

RentBetter provides you with the tools to make this possible!


How To Get Started?

Rent better with RentBetter! RentBetter have worked hard to streamline the routine tasks associated with renting and managing your property to provide you with an affordable way to become a DIY landlord. With RentBetter, once you onboard your tenant, you will enter rent collection details where you can see payment dates and a receipt based on the history of payments. RentBetter will help you RentBetter.

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