Property Investing


What Are the Legal Responsibilities for Self-Managed Landlords?

Understand your obligations as a self-managed landlord with this guide to everything involved.

Renting Glossary for Property Owners

Confused by industry jargon? Our guide to renting terms will help you stay informed as a property owner!

Ensuring Tax Compliance for Your Rental Property

Be prepared come tax time so you don't fall on the side of the ATO's auditing targets.

Financial Management for Property Owners: Budgeting, Record Keeping and Tax

Find out how to budget, keep records, and meet tax obligations with ease on Rentbetter.

The Role of Self-Management in the Current Rental Market

How to confidently navigate the current rental market through technology and self-management.

Preparing Your Property for Rent - A Checklist for Landlords

Find out all the essential things to tick off your list before renting out your property.

Tax Depreciation Schedules - What are they and should you get one?

Find out how investing in a Tax Depreciation can help you gain more from your investment.

How to Reduce Your Property Management Expenses

Renting out property comes with a lot of expenses. Find out how you can reduce them to increase your ROI.

New to RentBetter Marketplace - Landlord Insurance

Find out how you can easily organise Landlord Insurance through RentBetter in 3 easy steps.

Self-Manage Your Property from Abroad

Find out how RentBetter can help make your life easier as an overseas investor in Australia.

Landlord's Insurance - Is it worth it?

Do you really need landlord insurance? Find out what landlord insurance covers and if its right for you.

Becoming a Property Investor - What you need to know

Find out everything you need to know about investing in property and how RentBetter helps to make things a breeze.

When is the Best Time to Invest in Property?

Looking to invest in property? Consider these factors when deciding the best time to start.

3 Simple Ways to Maximise Your Investment Property Returns

Three simple tips from RentBetter CEO, Jeremy Goldschmidt about how to maximise the return on your investment property.

The Top 4 Tax Benefits You Can Unlock as a Landlord

Find out the best tax benefits of being a landlord, from negative gearing to interest and more.

6 Simple Steps to Becoming a Property Investor

Interested in property investment? Here are 6 tips to get you started on a property portfolio.

10 Reasons to Self-Manage Your Investment Property with RentBetter

From saving money to taking control, here are 10 reasons to self-manage your own rental property.

What Can I Claim on My Tax Return For My Rental Property?

What can be claimed on my tax return? Tips on claiming tax when privately managing your investment property.