Customer Stories


Customer Stories - Janine P.

Find out how RentBetter is helping business owner Janine manage her property.

Customer Stories - George R.

Find out why long-term property owner George made the switch to self-management and how it's helping him and his investment.

Customer Stories - Seung J.

Find out how RentBetter is helping first-time landlord Seung manage his property.

Customer Stories - Drew A.

We spoke to Drew to chat about his investment and how he was able to find great tenants for his property.

Customer Stories: Rohan P.

Find out why Rohan chose RentBetter and how it's helping him manage his very first investment property.

Customer Stories - Tony P.

Check out how Tony is using RentBetter and saving $5K a year!

Customer Stories: Lyn A.

Find out how self-managed property owner and RentBetter customer Lyn gets the most from her investment.

Customer Stories: Anthony W.

A self-managed property owner since 1975, find out how RentBetter customer Anthony gets the most from his investments.

Customer Stories: Karen D.

Teacher by day, property management guru by night! Hear from our RentBetter customer Karen about self-managing her rentals.

Customer Stories: Anna B.

Hear from RentBetter customer Anna about property self-management in retirement.

Customer Stories: Kathy D.

Who knew property self-management could be this easy?! Hear it direct from RentBetter customer, Kathy.

Customer Stories: Franco G.

Hear from RentBetter customer Franco about how self-management allowed him to gain control of his investments.

Customer Stories: Louise G.

Hear from RentBetter customer Louise about how she saved over $8k a year on property management.

Customer Stories: Mel Y.

RentBetter customer Mel talks about the journey to self-management and why she decided to make the switch.

Customer Stories: Jerome H.

Hear from RentBetter customer Jerome about self-management, property investment, increasing return on investment & more.

Customer Stories: Nick N.

Find out all the benefits of property self-management (over 30 years!) from RentBetter customer, Nick.

Customer Stories: Lillie C.

Hear from RentBetter customer Lillie about her horror at agent fees and why she decided to DIY with her property management.