Property Management


What Notice to Give When ending a Tenancy in Australia

Find out everything you need to know about ending or terminating a tenancy and the required notice periods.

Top Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Move-in Process

Make moving in as easy and stress-free for both you and your tenant. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth move-in process.

What Are the Legal Responsibilities for Self-Managed Landlords?

Understand your obligations as a self-managed landlord with this guide to everything involved.

Renting Glossary for Property Owners

Confused by industry jargon? Our guide to renting terms will help you stay informed as a property owner!

Financial Management for Property Owners: Budgeting, Record Keeping and Tax

Find out how to budget, keep records, and meet tax obligations with ease on Rentbetter.

Dealing with Tenant Defaults and Rent Arrears

Learn how to manage breach notices and arrears in this guide.

Ensuring Electrical Safety and Compliance in Your Property

Ensure that your rental property is up to date with electrical safety and compliance measures.

The Role of Self-Management in the Current Rental Market

How to confidently navigate the current rental market through technology and self-management.

Understanding Wear and Tear vs Property Damage

Find out how to make the distinction between fair wear and tear vs damage in your rental property.

How to Handle Disputes with Your Tenants

Find out the best way to resolve disputes within the tenancy and what to do if you can't come to a resolution.

Preparing Your Property for Rent - A Checklist for Landlords

Find out all the essential things to tick off your list before renting out your property.

Reducing Paperwork and Maintaining Accurate Records for Your Property

Find out how to ensure you stay on track by accurately maintaining your property records.

The importance of the Rental Ledger

Find out the part the rental ledger plays in being able to manage your tenancy efficiently.

How Technology is changing the Property Market

Find out how the advancements in tech in the property industry can help you manage your investment.

Top Tips for Communicating with Tenants

Check out these Tips for communicating with your tenants to ensure a stress-free rental experience.

How to Reduce Your Property Management Expenses

Renting out property comes with a lot of expenses. Find out how you can reduce them to increase your ROI.

Collecting Rent in Advance

Find out everything you need to know about collecting rent in advance from your tenant.

New to RentBetter Marketplace - Moving and Utilities

Looking to find a better deal on your utilities? Look no further.

New to RentBetter Marketplace - Landlord Insurance

Find out how you can easily organise Landlord Insurance through RentBetter in 3 easy steps.

The Guide to Pets in Aussie Rental Properties

Find out about all the rules for having pets in a Rental Property in Australia.

A Guide to Lease Agreements in Australia

Everything you need to know about Lease Agreements in Australia

What To Do If Your Tenant Wants To Break The Lease

Find out how to handle things when a tenant wants to break their lease on your property.

Most Frequently Asked Questions by Landlords

Find out everything you need to know in our 'big book' of frequently asked questions by landlords.

5 Investment Property Hacks You Need to Know

Check out these 5 investment property hacks when managing your own property.

Top Tips to Ensure Your Rent is Paid On Time

Find out how to ensure your rent is paid on time as well as advice on what to do if a tenant doesn’t pay. 

Manage Your Property with RentBetter

Looking for a tool to help you manage your property?

RentBetter Marketplace - Extra Tools and Services at your fingertips

Explore some of the new tools are services available to help you manage your property more easily.

Introducing Property Viewings on RentBetter

Book a pro to take care of your property viewings or inspections on RentBetter.

Making a Claim for the Bond

Sometimes there is a legitimate need to make a claim for the bond from your tenant. Here's what you need to do if it happens.

How Many Routine Inspections Should You Perform a Year?

Find out how often you should be performing routine inspections on your property to ensure its being well maintained.

Self-Manage Your Property from Abroad

Find out how RentBetter can help make your life easier as an overseas investor in Australia.

How to Onboard a New Tenant into Your Property

These key tenant onboarding steps when followed correctly will ensure a seamless experience for the start of your tenancy.

Common Mistakes Property Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

Find out some of the most common mistakes property owners make when it comes to renting out their property.

Outsourcing Property Condition Reports

Find out how you can outsource your Property Condition Reports right here on RentBetter.

How to Renew the Lease for Your Tenancy

Find out how you can renew the lease for your property with the help of RentBetter.

End of Tenancy Guide for Property Owners

A guide for property owners on everything that follows when a tenancy comes to an end.

How to Manage Mould in your Rental Property

In the event that your rental property has mould, what should you do?

How to Easily Manage Multiple Properties on RentBetter

Own multiple properties? Find out how to streamline your investments and manage them all simultaneously on RentBetter.

The Easiest Way to Collect Rental Payments for Your Investment Property

Sick of chasing tenants for rent? Here's your solution! The easiest way to collect rental payments for your property.

Property Transactions Made Easy with Digital Signature

Did you know you can sign your lease completely online? Learn more about digital signatures and property management.

How to Switch from Your Property Manager

Looking to make the switch from a property manager to self-management? Here are some tips to get you started.

A Guide to Property Condition Reports

Everything you need to know about property condition reports - what are they, when to complete them what should they cover.

A Guide to Virtual Property Viewings (or inspections)

In the digital age, are virtual proprty inspections really here to stay? And how do they actually work?!

Why the Trend Towards DIY Business Models Continues to Surge

From saving cash to gaining control, here's why 33% of Australians are choosing to self-manage.

How To Price Your Rental Property

How to choose the right rental price for your property, and why it's so important to price correctly.

A Guide to Handling Tenant Bills on RentBetter

What and how should you charge your tenant? See our guide to handling tenant bills via RentBetter.

Easily Manage the Bond Collection for your Property

Need to collect bond? Find out how to manage the Bond Collection process for your property in Australia.

Smoke Alarm Safety and Compliance for your Property

A Landlord's Guide to smoke alarms, compliance and fire saftety for properties in Australia.

The Rise of the Self-Managed Landlord

There has been a huge increase in the number of Australians choosing to self-manage their investment properties.

Your Tenant Wants to Have Their Furry Friend in Your Property - Where Do You Stand?

Should you let your tenants have a pet in your rental property? Find out the history and work out where you stand.

Property Management Software Tools For Your Rental

How property management software can help you advertise, conduct tenant checks, create a lease, collect rent & more!

10 Reasons to Self-Manage Your Investment Property with RentBetter

From saving money to taking control, here are 10 reasons to self-manage your own rental property.

Tips for First-Timers in Property Management

Just getting started with property self-management? Here's how to know if you're doing a good job.

Is Self-Management Right For You?

Is self-management right for you? Find out how to start managing your own rental.

Which Property Management Software is the Best?

Which property management software is the best? Find out more about how to collect rent, manage a lease agreement & more.

Can Property Management Enter The Rental Apartment?

What are the state regulations around routine inspections and property management? Find out your rights.

Manage Your Own Property

Helpful tips on how to manage your own property - from collecting rent to organising home maintenance & more.

Adding Value to Your Rental Property

How to add value and maximise the return on your investment property.

A Guide To Collecting Rental Payments

Tips to help you set up a transparent payment schedule and collect rent from your tenants.

Ready to Break up With Your Real Estate Agent?

Want to rent your property without a real estate agent? This guide will help you advertise and manage your own property.

How To Register & Lodge the Bond for Your Rental Property

How to lodge a bond between property owner and tenant. A step-by-step guide for NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS, NT and ACT.

My Tenant Is Late To Pay Their Rent

Find out how to manage late rental payments by tenants.

Knowing The Right Time To Increase The Rent

Can you increase the rent on your propery? We've pulled together a summary of the state-by-state requirements.

A Guide to Routine Property Inspections

Tips to help you prepare for routine property inspections - how to run them, how often, and how to record results.

Should My Rental Property Be Pet Friendly?

Is your rental property pet friendly? Tips on how to manage tenants that wish to keep pets in your rental property.

Renting Out Your Property Without An Agent: Tackling the 'Big 4'

Getting the basics right with the 'Big 4'. Tips that will help you rent out your own property and set you up for success.

A Quick Reference Guide For Running Property Viewings (or Inspections)

A checklist and quick guide to managing your own inspection and finding a tenant.