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Looking to make the switch from your Property Manager and not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.


Are you ready to move from your Property Manager or are you just looking for an alternative way to manage your own property? There are many reasons why you might be considering the move, or perhaps you haven’t even thought about it as an option yet!

We don’t want to bang on about bad estate agents, there are of course good and bad eggs in every industry but we’re here to show you how you and your investment can benefit long term from choosing the self-management model.


How many people choose to self-manage their properties in Australia? 


You might be wondering how many people choose to manage their own properties? It may surprise you but around 33% of property owners around Australia manage their property portfolios themselves. That’s a fair chunk of the market! 


Some people think that managing your own property is just some crazy hype from tech companies that will go away. There are so many examples where DIY has taken over, from the taxi industry to hotels, travel, media and selling personal items – in all these industries the ‘do it yourself’ model has changed the way things work in an irreversible way – It’s here to stay! 


You can read more below on why the DIY business model continues to surge. 


Read moreWhy the DIY business model continues to surge.


Renting out your own property is certainly not rocket science, and the team at RentBetter are here to guide you through every step of the way. 


33% of the market self-manage


Self-Managing your property used to be hard, but not anymore!


Making the move from your Property Manager can feel daunting but at RentBetter, we’ve made things easy. 


We’re focused on providing the best technology to make the experience seamless for property owners. The platform provides all the tools, education and support you need to manage rental properties for greater reward. And, our friendly team is also always around for extra support! 


See our top 10 Reasons to take advantage of our platform to get more out of your investment property: 

  1. Save thousands each year on management fees with access to professional-level tools
  2. Take complete control of your investment property 
  3. Clear and direct communication with your tenant – remove the middleman!
  4. Easily track income and expenses
  5. Turn your investment into your side hustle
  6. No more worrying about being paid on time
  7. Contracts and documents are all stored in one place
  8. Create instant Lease agreements and sign with digital signature
  9. Condition reports are completely digital – no more printing! 
  10. An exclusive offer that you won’t find anywhere else 


How to make the transition from your Property Manager

Dispelling the ‘Myths’


Some of the common myths we hear people from people when deciding whether to make the switch from their Property Manager are that they need to wait until the lease is finished and that they worry that it will disrupt things and they’ll have to find new tenants. 


You may need to serve a notice period, depending on what’s in your contract however you don’t have to wait until the lease ends, you can switch at any time. And we can assure you that we’ll help you do it with minimal disruption to your tenancy. You don’t need to worry about the lease agreement or any other documents, these can all be transferred over with ease! 


Download our Switch from your Agent Kit here.


We’ve also outlined the steps you need to take to make the switch here.


Experiences from our Happy Customers:


It’s wonderful to see so many people experiencing the benefits of self-management. We have customers ranging from first-time investors to property moguls, young entrepreneurs to retirees! Our platform provides incredible support and takes the hassle out of managing your property and helps our customers feel confident that they can do it themselves.


See what some of our customers have to say below.


Customer Story – Kathy D.

Customer Story – Franco G. 

Customer Story – Louise G.

Customer Story – Mel Y.

Customer Story – Lillie C.

Customer Story – Jerome H.

Customer Story – Nick N. 


We’re proud to be helping thousands of landlords across the country manage their properties. If you want total control, transparent pricing and the ability to manage your property like a pro with our technology, then sign up for free today. If you choose our all-inclusive management plan you’ll get everything you need to manage your own property right at your fingertips… 


We call it ‘The RentBetter Way’ and we’re confident you’ll love it! 


If you’d like more information, our friendly team are on hand to assist. Just email us at info@rentbetter.com.au and we’ll get back to you or organise a call to chat. 




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